Grip Launches Startup Equity Investment

It is smart mechanism that permits its investors to focus of every possible risk to give in the most preferable profiles for the investment strategies depending on the arising requirements. The group of the investors then just like any other day go for purchasing tranche of bespoke CDO. The other remaining tranches are taken care of by the dealer who normally make a try to take a stand in against the probable losses.

  • Our retail mortgage presence has increased to 27 branches and we continue to grow that business.
  • Just at that time, Vintage Finvest approached me to manage my funds ion a non-conventional way and helped me to analyse my requirements, profile and access my risk appetite.
  • That does not mean that scheme with cash surplus buy any security to help selling scheme to manage their liquidity issues.
  • Sole arranger for a Rs. 500 cr mortgage backed debentures funding against inventory of residential apartments for Lodha Developers.
  • We closed 8 deals during the quarter, 3 deals as part of fresh acquisition, 4 deals as part of debt aggregation and 1 SR Buyout deal .

The AUM/AUA of our wealth management business stood at Rs. 46,818 Cr as on September 30, 2019 as compared to Rs. 43,941 Cr as on September 30, 2018 and Rs. 43,038 Cr as on June 30, 2019. The book reveals the common mistakes that many investors make, the pitfalls and traps to avoid and the modus operandi that goes into selecting the right investment vehicle. With real life anecdotes, Mr. Trivedi prepares the reader for the reality of the world of investing whether they are beginners or veterans of the markets.


The margins of developers have reduced and they are forced to look at business differently. We also believe that the liquidity crunch in the sector will continue for another one year and the developers with lower leverage and ability to sell will be the ones who will be better placed to tide through this time. Having said that, these conditions will continue to affect the liquidity in the sector as credit availability will be limited. The current scenario will expedite the consolidation in the sector which would lead to larger players acquiring more market share. We will witness reduction of interest rates for home loans which coupled with attractive prices might lead to end user demand coming back to the residential space. However, the next six to twelve months continue to be uncertain in light of the current lockdown situation and uncertainty about the COVID-19 crisis.

bespoke tranche opportunity

The Reserve Bank of India also notified S4A Scheme which aims at financial restructuring of projects having a chance of sustained revival. The Reserve Bank of India also extended the time-frame to spread over the shortfall arising out of sale of bad assets to securitisation companies/ARCs at a price below the net book value to March 2017. Both the private equity fund and real estate fund continue to work closely with its portfolio companies to seek exit opportunities. Recognising the role of Asset Reconstruction Companies in dealing with high level of stress in the Indian banking system, the Budget also addressed a long standing demand from the ARCs to enable sponsors to hold up to 100% stake in an ARC. In addition, the Budget has also allowed 100% FDI in ARCs through automatic route. These provisions will open up avenues for ARCs and facilitate them to strengthen the capital base and effectively participate in the huge NPA market in India.

India will get very meaningful FDI and FII flows sooner than later: Abhay Agarwal

We have been able to demonstrate resilience by keeping strong liquidity buffers and healthy leverage ratios. The cash and cash equivalent as on March 31, 2020 stood at Rs. 3,412 Crore and our net debt-equity ratio stands at 1.04x which is amongst the lowest in financial services space. “The last 18 months have been challenging for the financial services and especially for the NBFC sector due what is the significance of fob shipping point and fob destination to the stressed credit environment and slow economic growth. The situation has further worsened on account of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns across the country. We have made gross provisions of Rs.175 crore on our balance sheet on account of the uncertainties around the impact of COVID-19. The Investment Bank has demonstrated strong performance and the pipeline is robust.

How do you make money with CLO?

The key to making money, for both banks and CLOs, is (1) to have as big a spread as possible between the interest rate you collect on your loan portfolio, and the rate you pay on your bank deposits or CLO borrowings, and (2) to leverage that borrowing as much as you prudently can, so you can collect the spread multiple …

If you notice any content that appears incorrect, or if you have any issues with a content please write to us. The initial stake sale of the payment bank, promoted by Fino Paytech, was open for subscription between October 29 and November 2. The Securities and Exchange Board of India last week approved seven initial public offerings , including that of Paytm, which plans to raise a minimum of Rs 16,600 crore in the biggest ever scheduled share sales in India. This year, the volume of seed-stage deals dominated with nearly 396 deals aggregating to $705.86 million while about 166 investments at series A amounted to about $1.67 billion, data until December 20, showed. Indian online retail will more than double to $85.5 billion by 2025, according to a report shared with ET by US-based research and advisory firm Forrester.

What Products Are In Bespoke CDOs?

In the wealth management business, the assets under management stood at Rs.20,205 Crore as on June 30, 2015. Under the agreement, JM Financial and Seabury will jointly provide Investment Banking Advisory services to each party’s clients who may be seeking investment opportunities or may like to identify suitable strategic partnerships for their respective businesses. Both companies will seek to leverage their client relationships, as well as their regional and domestic expertise in a mutually beneficial manner. At the end of the quarter, the combined AUM/AUA of our private equity and real estate funds stood at around Rs.900 crore.

What is the difference between a CDO and a CLO?

The primary difference between CLO vs CDO is with the underlying assets backing them. CLO uses corporate loans, while CDO mostly uses mortgages. To better understand the two terms and their usage, we should understand the difference between CLO vs CDO.

Foreign governments equipped funds by purchasing USA Treasury bonds and thus averted much of the direct impact of the disaster. While CLO uses corporate loans as underlying assets, CDOs use mortgages. An investor receives money based on the amount invested in the tranche. So, depending on the tranche, the investor will earn a return based on the loanee’s payment.

Stock Market

This growth capital infusion and partnership with a seasoned investor like JM Financial Private Equity will help us accelerate our current expansion plans while staying true to the company’s founding principles. The average AUM of our Mutual Fund schemes during the quarter ended September 30, 2019 stood atRs. 6,488 Cr; comprising of Rs. 4,509 Cr in equity schemes and Rs. 1,979 Cr in debt schemes .

This group is supported by technical and fundamental research teams and derivative strategists who generate Investment and Trading Ideas. We have presence in 279 locations spread across 115 cities through a network of branches and franchisees. “The Indian economy is entering a phase of productive and sustainable growth supported by a stable macro and political environment. Implementation of the country’s biggest tax reform, GST should widen the country’s tax net and improve the ease of doing business. The RBI and Finance Ministry’s strong resolve towards tackling the NPA situation is a step in the right direction. Markets have cheered these developments and have touched all-time highs on the back of increased inflows by investors.

  • The conference was extremely well received with over 75 leading corporates and keynote speakers and about 300 institutional investors both foreign & domestic participating in the same.
  • During the quarter, we closed 2 deals as a part of debt aggregation of one large account.
  • The company said it has further strengthened Sunteck’s presence in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region market.

For instance, in August 2021, NIPL announced its partnership with UAE-based Mashreq Bank to benefit 2 Mn+ Indians who travel to UAE for business or leisure every year. As a result, numerous nations took note of the stack and made plans to implement the UPI functioning model in their countries. For this, NPCI’s international division, NIPL, has agreements with several banks in nations like the UAE, the US, Nepal, China, Japan, and several regions of Africa. However, so far, these partnerships have been signed to share the infrastructure and not enable cross-country payments.

Union Bank of India wins BML MUNJAL Awards for Business Excellence…

We have research coverage of 169 stocks and cover over 200 institutional investors that include marquee long only FIIs, hedge funds, sovereign funds and domestic mutual funds & insurance companies. Our global offices in New York, Singapore and Mauritius are helping in deepening our relationships with global investors. In order to improve the framework for sale of stressed assets, the Reserve Bank of India in September 2016 issued a new guideline on Sale of Stressed Assets by Banks. The guideline lays down mechanism for timely identification of stressed accounts and appropriate actions to ensure there is low vintage of NPAs, higher provisioning on SRs by banks and better price realisation for banks. From April 1, 2018, the above threshold of 50% will stand reduced to 10%.

Who are CLO managers?

CLO Manager means any Person (other than a natural person) which manages, advises, services or administers a Fund, the Capital Stock of which is the subject of a first priority perfected security interest in favor of the Administrative Agent.

We closed 2 deals during the quarter, both as part of debt aggregation. The Group is headquartered in Mumbai and has a presence across 320 locations spread across 120 cities in India. JM Financial awarded for the Best M&A deal (Tata Chemicals US$ 400 million sale of the urea business to Yara International )– where we were the one of the financial advisors by The Asset Triple A Country Awards 2018. Adjusted for diminution / in fair value of investments and is based on management reports and have not been subjected to review or audit.

At the end of the quarter, the combined AUM of our private equity and real estate funds stood at around Rs. 802 Cr of which our new private equity fund has announced a second close and having a cumulative commitment of ~Rs. We chose not to participate in any fresh acquisitions during the quarter. The complete focus of the business was on recoveries and resolutions. We have also been experiencing resolution delays in some of our key accounts further impacting our focus to look at fresh acquisitions. Further, the global investors in distressed assets have virtually stopped their fresh investments pending clarity and final judgement on certain cases. We continue to be in a challenging environment accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis and the lockdown that has been initiated since mid-March 2020.

bespoke tranche opportunity

The Group is headquartered in Mumbai and has a presence across 601 locations spread across 181 cities in India. The Group is headquartered in Mumbai and has a presence across624locations spread across186cities in India. During the quarter, the average daily trading volume of our retail broking business stood atRs. Elite wealth management atRs.881Cras on December 31, 2021 as compared toRs.360Cras on December 31, 2020 andRs. Retail wealth management atRs.19,424Cras on December 31, 2021 as compared toRs.

  • In this critical moment, we all as socially responsible citizens and corporates must come together and contribute in whatever way we can so that our country can combat this crisis.
  • Out of the said lending book, the Corporate and capital market lending book stood at Rs. 2,988 Cr and the real estate lending at Rs. 2,511 Cr.
  • The focus of the housing finance business would be to provide home loans to retail customer with a focus on affordable housing segment.
  • The increased infrastructure would further enhance the reach and accelerate the disbursements.
  • Acted as managers to the rights issue of GMR Infrastructure Limited – Rs.1,402 crore.
  • Furthermore, if the loan defaults, the senior holders are paid before anyone else from the collateralized pool of assets.

Moreover the slippages of standard advances to NPA by the banks are also a worrying factor. Our long term borrowing as a proportion of total borrowing stood at approximately 63% on June 30, 2018. During the quarter, we successfully concluded the first ever public issue of secured Non-Convertible Debentures by JM Financial Credit Solutions Ltd. of Rs.750 Cr.

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