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This is done after the test session and when you have the time to document the tests in a test management tool, such as PractiTest. These tests may get initially documented during the test but often require additional information. In reality, an exploratory testing effort may consist of many test sessions. However, it is important that each session has only one objective to maintain focus. In this description, we will take a session-based approach to exploratory testing. If a set of automated heuristics could be defined, then perhaps we might be closer to AI in testing, including exploratory testing.

definition of test charter

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Therefore, exploratory testing offers an option to test quickly, even if the testers start to feel like they are robots, testing the same things over and over. However, when done correctly testers can always be branching out and testing new things which helps greatly to alleviate boredom. Exploratory testing can be done quickly, especially if the objectives are defined well and people are skilled in the practice.

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However, the project manager should exercise caution in writing the project schedule, assuming that the project will immediately start after the approval. New York City was given a charter, for example, by the British monarch in the 17th century, guaranteeing it certain rights in exchange for goods and services. Today corporations still have charters governing their behavior. When writing down test ideas on a charter you may get inspired by two special variants of exploratory testing. The main goal of the debriefing is to convey all information that the stakeholder needs and establish their level of confidence that the pursued business value can be achieved.

Examples of charter

It remains to be seen if and when that might be truly a reality. I was part of a “bug bash” where about twenty users were asked to test in an exploratory way for two hours. In one case, over one hundred potential defects were recorded after two hours of testing. After those reported defects were analyzed, only four of them were deemed as actual defects.

  • The project charter provides similar clarity and direction for your project.
  • This is done after the test session and when you have the time to document the tests in a test management tool, such as PractiTest.
  • The building blocks of TMAP give you all the guidance you need to meet the testing and quality challenges in your specific information technology environment.
  • Given that the purpose of the limit must be the purpose at the time at which it is implemented (see discussion of “shifting purpose” above), the groundwork for a section 1 justification should be laid during the process of policy development.
  • Testing video games can be just as challenging, but requires a much more fluid approach to testing.
  • In actual practice, many organizations use a hybrid exploratory approach to deal with those situations when pre-defined tests are needed.
  • Soap opera testing is similar to a soap opera in that tests are based on real life, exaggerated, and condensed.

Situations of misunderstanding between clients and team members could lead to an increase in overall project time. To avoid such unfavorable scenarios, we prepare the knowledge base. In the glossary we gather the main specialized terms that are frequently used in the working process. All meanings are written according to their generally accepted international interpretation. For convenience, you can use the search bar to simplify and speed up the search process. A look at exploratory testing charters, their place within session based exploratory testing, and how to set one up.

Document the test

For example, in some agile organizations, a separate test team exists to test work from multiple agile teams in an integrated way. Exploratory testing can be used in those situations where testing is separate from development. Session-based testing helps to organize, measure and manage exploratory testing by defining an objective or charter for the session. Account of software testing objectives and ideas about the testing process. An exploratory testing charter is a mission statement for your exploratory testing.

definition of test charter

Just reward a small price for the most interesting piece of information found, distribute one or two simple charters to be executed to all team members and the team will have a great Friday afternoon. While testing, only look at the user interface, not at the processing. Make sure everything is where it is supposed to be, that the interface is sensible, and watch particularly for usability problems. Logging may be done on paper, but can also be done in electronic documents or by using logging tools. However, when using a tool, keep in mind that one of the important parts is the logging of the expected results; a simple record tool that captures all actions is not sufficient since it typically doesn’t capture the expected outcome. Testing is about creating and executing tests, but more importantly, it is about obtaining information about quality and risks, all of that to ultimately establish confidence that an IT solution will bring the expected business value.


Project charters outline the entirety of projects to help teams quickly understand the goals, tasks, timelines, and stakeholders. It is an essential deliverable in any project and one of the first deliverables as prescribed by the PMBOK Guide and other best practice standards. The document provides key information about a project and also provides approval to start the project. Therefore, it serves as a formal announcement that a newly approved project is about to commence. Contained also in the project charter is the appointment of the project manager, the person who is overall responsible for the project. Test ideas can come up at any stage prior to test execution, for example during a refinement of user stories.

definition of test charter

Another special way to do exploratory testing is the so-called „soap opera testing“ . Soap operas are dramatic daytime television shows that were originally sponsored by soap vendors. They depict life in a way that viewers can relate to, but the situations portrayed are typically condensed and exaggerated. In one episode, more things happen to the characters than most of us will experience in a lifetime. Opinions may differ about whether soap operas are fun to watch, but it must be great fun to write them.

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Section 1 – Reasonable limits

Preferably, the stakeholder assists the team in the debriefing by asking critical questions about the experiences they had during the test session. A test log is a record of the test steps, expected results and actual results, together with observations about the system behavior, which is registered during testing, for example during an exploratory testing session. When exploratory testing is done in larger groups this is generally referred to as „mob testing“ [Pyhäjärvi 2019].

definition of test charter

These tools can be a great help to testers as they can work at the same time in taking screenshots, taking notes, etc. These tools can help further by allowing testers to capture good tests learned through exploratory testing and document them as future defined tests. The onus of proving a section 1 justification rests with the government, and the government should be prepared to adduce appropriate evidence. It should, therefore, engage in careful planning and record keeping. Given that the purpose of the limit must be the purpose at the time at which it is implemented (see discussion of “shifting purpose” above), the groundwork for a section 1 justification should be laid during the process of policy development. While the purpose should usually be obvious from the text of the legislation itself, it is often useful to have supporting evidence as well.

Soap opera testing is similar to a soap opera in that tests are based on real life, exaggerated, and condensed. Often, multiple exploratory testing charters are executed that together support the establishment of confidence, so the information from various debriefings will be put together. Any anomalies found will of course be recorded and followed up. This is done by using the usual anomaly management procedure of the team . The information and conclusions derived during the debriefing are kept and combined with the various test reports that the team produces.

Main Components of a Project Charter

When eleven-year-old Tokunbo Marshall moves with her mother into a Harlem brownstone, she must adjust to an extended family that includes three new sisters who see everything in life as a possible project in their self-designed education. It is very important that the testers think about the expected result before executing the test. This expected result may be described in a very detailed or in a global way depending on the goal of the test and the knowledge the testers already have.

LiquidPlanner is the only project and resource management tool that calculates when work will be done with 90% confidence. Our groundbreaking predictive scheduling engine is based on ranged estimates to generate best-case/worst-case scenarios to model when tasks and projects can realistically start and finish. As a result, one of the biggest differentiators with LiquidPlanner is how effectively our project management tool helps project teams manage uncertainty and deal with change. LiquidPlanner factors your organization’s priorities into your project plans from the beginning, so teams are always focused on the most critical work. However, there are some aspects of agile testing that can be achieved using exploratory testing. These come into play when the items being developed are released to testers who are not part of the development team.

Project management tools also provide a view of the project’s timeline, each goal, and the progress team members make. Below, we’ve gathered some examples of project management software that helps keep teams more aware of progress toward achieving the project charter you’ve worked so hard on. Passive exploratory testing tools are for documenting tests as they are performed.

One study published in 2008 found that exploratory testing was more effective in finding defects than structured testing. (Juha Itkonen, “Do Test Cases Really Matter? An Experiment Comparing Test Case Based And Exploratory Testing”, Helsinki University Of Technology, 2008). However, it should be noted that this study was based on an experiment and not over the longer course of performing testing, such as in an organization with ongoing release schedules.

Exploratory testing is simultaneously designing and executing tests to learn about the system, using your insights from the last experiment to inform the next. In other words, every form of testing in which the tester designs his tests during test execution and the information obtained is reused to design new and improved tests. The test charter will usually indicate the goal of the session.

The charter can be chosen either by the executing tester or by the test lead/test manager. Test charter may include some guiding points that will further guide the tester while conducting the session. One goal of exploratory testing is rapid testing, so you will want to consider that in your scope definition.

When recounting the history of nearly anything, accounts will vary. But this is the way I saw exploratory testing evolve from the perception of low-value ad-hoc testing to a recognized practice with substantial value. This lack of basic information about the items we are testing requires an approach that can be applied when there is no existing basis of knowledge. The good news is that much research and work has gone into defining a way to do this kind of testing.

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